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We are HELPER Group A Food Machinery Company one of the worldwide leading manufacturers of meat and pasta processing machines Founded in 1986 Helper has been the vanguard of developing and manufacturing machines and equipment for the meat and pasta industry The solutions apply to sausage meat products pets food bakery noodle and dumpling dairy and sneaks candy etc Now we offer the Complete Solutions to our customers with the help of our rich experience in food industrial and professional technical team Through the persistence of quality and service as well as by knowing customers understanding products implementing diversification competitive strategy we gained the good reputation both in...

Categories and Products

Food Processing Solutions

Sausage Hanging System Taiwan Sausage Production Line Clipped Sausage Solution Automatic Sausage Making Machines Smoked Sausage Production Line Fresh Burger Forming line Automatic Meatball Production Solution Industrial sausage production line 

Meat Processing Machines

Filling And Linking Technology

Vacuum Sausage Stuffer Twisted Sausage Making Machine Vacuum Filler Mechanical Sausage Filler Industrial Sausage Filler Budget Sausage Filler Sausage Linker and Hanger System Sausage Separator Barrel Sausage Cutter Binded Sausage Production Machines Industrial Sausage Linker Automatic Sausage Linker 

Clipping System Solutions

Industrial Automatic Sausage Double Clipper Automatic Mechanical Double clipper Industrial Sausage Clipping Machine Automatic Double Sausage Clipper Aluminum Wire Double Clipping Machine U Clips Pneumatic Double Clipper Pneumatic Clipper Pedal Single Clipper Electric Single Clipping Machine Manual Table clipper Manual Table Clipping Machine 

Frozen Meat Breaker And Grinder

Frozen Meat Breaker Frozen Meat Flaker Industrial Frozen Meat Grinder Double Worm Meat Grinder Big Block Frozen Meat Mincer Flaker And Grinder Integration Stainless Steel Bone Saw Laboratory Fresh Meat Mincer 

Chopper And Mixer Series

Industrial Meat Bowl Cutter Industrial Meat Bowl Chopper Electric Meat Bowl Cutter Mixer High Efficiency Meat Cutter and Mixer Industrial Vacuum Chopping Machine Industrial Vacuum Mixer Electric Vacuum Meat Blender Non Vacuum Stainless Steel Meat Mixer 

Meats Injectors and Tumblers

Industrial Red Meat Saline Injector Brine Injector Poultry Brine Injecting Machine Meat Saline Injection Machine Manual Brine Injector Electric Brine Mixer Medium Industrial Meat Tumbler High Capacity Vacuum Meat Massager Small Capacity Vacuum Tumbler Massager Swivelling Drum Vacuum Tumbler Industrial Meat Tenderizer 

Smoking And Cooking Solutions

Single Trolley Sausage Ham Smokehouse Industrial Smoke Chamber High Capacity Automatic Smoke Oven Stainless Steel Boiler Tank Electric Steam Generator Smoke House Cleaning Solution 

Slicer And Dicer

Frozen Meat Dicer Industrial Meat Slicer Industrial Slicer With Portioning Industrial Fresh Meat Dicer Industrial Vegetable Dicer Blocks and Cubes Cutting Machine Fruit and Vegetable Cutting Machine Meat and Cheese Cubes Making Machine 

Peripheral Devices and Consumables

Smoking Sausage trolley Standard Material Cart Sausage Smoking Sticks Unmovable Cart Lifter Movable Meat Lifting Machine Industrial Hydraulic Lifter Operation Desk Poly Clip Great Wall Clips Aluminum Wire CLips U shape Sausage Clip Ham Mould Meat Paste Transporting Device 

Bakery And Pastry Machines

Advanced Vacuum Dough Kneading Technology

Lab Dough Kneading Machine Vacuum Dough Kneading Machine Stainless Steel Bakery Mixer 300L Horizontal Vacuum Flour Mixer 600L Horizontal Dough Kneading Machine Fermenting Dough Mixer Moon Cakes Vacuum Dough Kneading Machine Paddle Shaft Dough Mixer 

Pastry And Vegetable Processing Machines

Automatic Noodle Production Line Small Scale Noodle Production Line Compound Wrapper Dough Sheeter Machine Industrial Pancake Production line Spiral Feeding Machine Industrial Sesame Mill Vegetables Slicer and Dicer Automatic Dumpling Machine 

Chemical Machinery

Silicone Sealant Produce Line Automatic Resin Anchor Agent Production Line Automatic Resin Capsule Production Line Mining Resin Capsule Producing Line Composite Film Hot Sealing Machine Construction Silicone Adhesive Clipper Drum and Pail Filling Machine Economic Automatic Sealant Packing Machine 

Investment Casting

Precision Casting Valve and Pipe Fitting Precision Casting Petroleum Industry Parts Silicon Sol Investment Casting Hardware Parts Stainless Steel Lost Wax Casting Parts Investment Casting Parts For Food Industrial Precision Casting Flange Parts Stainless Steel Products Manufacturing Precision Casting Worm Precision Casting Blades Silicate Mold Shell Investment Casting Parts 

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